Center lamination

Stretched diaper center lamination film is non-toxic, pollution-free, clean, and tensile, providing a soft and comfortable touch. We offer waterproof diaper center lamination film at a competitive price with higher quality compared with other similar products on the market. In addition, we also offer high-quality waterproof diaper full lamination film and diaper nonwoven laminated backsheet, and the high production capacity of stretched lamination film for coverall can reach 150 tons/day. 


Waterproof diaper nonwoven laminated film is available in both printed and non-printedWe have two different ways of printing - copperplate printing and embossing printing. There are 14 lines for copperplate printing. Each line can produce 4 colors. We pioneer water-based ink in copperplate printing, which is the patented technologyAnd 8 embossing lines for embossing printing, the maximum color quantity can be up to 8 colors, and the maximum speed is 1334 feet/min.


Center Lamination Film

The center lamination film is breathable, has excellent waterproof performance and has outstanding physical features, which is the main materials of baby/adult diaper for packing film and back sheet. The breathable diaper center lamination film is good uniformity and touch feeling, akin-friendly for baby diapers.




The waterproof diaper center lamination film is made of PE Breathable film with multi-color printing - lightweight, soft touch, comfortable, waterproof, flexible, perfect extensibility, and comfortable.


  • water-based ink printing
  • 4 colors copperplate printing lines
  • High hydrostatic pressure and WVTR


  • Width: 25-2000mm
  • Weight: 15-60 g/m2
  • MOQ: 20000 kgs
  • Special treatment: printing, anti-static
  • According to the requirement or sample from the customer
  • Application: hygiene supplies for baby diapers, female sanitary napkins, medical, industrial fields



What is the production process of the diaper center lamination backsheet? 

  • 14 filming production lines, capacity: 6000ton/month
  • 22 printing lines, minimum film weight: 10gsm
  • 20 lamination lines, capacity: 4000ton/month



Technical Data Sheet

Center Lamination Film

Test Items




Basic Weight








Inner Diameter




Peeling force MD




Peeling force CD




Tension MD



≥ 10N/25mm

Tension CD



≥ 5N/25mm

Elongation at Break MD



Elongation at Break CD



PH Value








Packaging & Labeling



Well packaging and clear labeling

Health Indicator





Features Of Our Center Lamination Film

  • Excellent breathability, effectively isolating moisture, heat and humidity.
  • Best physical and mechanical properties with excellent stretching and elongation properties.
  • More close to the skin softness, good touch makes your products more soft and comfortable.
  • Low density and high utilization rate of products with the same quality improve the competitiveness of products.
  • Small volume and lightweight, higher output than the same quality, greatly reducing the production cost of the product.


* The printing color, printing picture, length, width, gram weight, dimension, designs and packaging and more details are available according to the customer's requirement. Welcome to contact us now for a better quote!



Why Choose us?

We have over 16 years of professional manufacturing and sales experience in the breathable and non-breathable PE film, printed film, laminated film, and non-woven business. So, we are very familiar with every production process, and more importantly, we have the ability to provide innovation and solutions for your needs.


Quality - Our raw material procurement is very strict, and we have stable suppliers - PE granule from ExxonMobil Chemical and Calcium Carbonate from IMERYS. Also, our production equipment is one of the most advanced in the world. Our in-line inspectors also perform rigorous quality inspections after producing the goods.


Price - Compared with other suppliers, our price is more competitive for the same quality, and for the same price, our quality is better.


Service - We have a special foreign trade team to provide better service for our customers. If you have any problem when you receive the goods, we will responsibly do our best to solve it for you. So, working with us will give you complete peace of mind.



Types Of Diaper PE Film

  • Breathable film
  • PE film (Cast film): polyethylene film
  • Breathable film lamination film: Breathable film + Hydrophobic non-woven 
  • Lamination film: PE film + Hydrophobic non-woven


Polyethylene (PE) film includes breathable diaper PE film and non-breathable diaper PE film, mainly used for baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins, nappies, and more daily supplies.


The laminated PE film is composed of spun bond non-woven fabric and PE film. As a popular material for diapers, it has some advantages, including precise positioning, rich colors, excellent printing performance, outstanding physical properties, environmentally friendly, odorless, non-toxic, non-VOC, non-benzene residue, and soft and comfortable.



Diaper Center Lamination Cast Film Advantages

  • Non-toxic, tasteless, and harmless to the human body
  • Superior printing performance and soft, silky feel
  • Excellent waterproof performance and excellent physical function
  • Corrosion-resistant, tear resistant, and elastic at low and high temperatures
  • Easy to decompose, recyclable, waste disposal will not cause harm to human beings and the environment



Other non-woven applications

  • Face mask
  • Non-woven coveralls/garments
  • Printing film, non-woven fabric
  • SMS, SSMS, SSMMS non-woven for hygiene, industry, medical
  • Melt-blown non-wovens for masks of different protection levels
  • PE non-permeable films for hygiene, medical, industrial, home textile
  • Laminated films for hygiene, medical, and industrial, such as PP, PE, non-woven
  • PE breathable (microporous) films for hygiene, medical, industrial, and home textile
  • Other non-woven fabrics: PET, PET/PP spun bond non-woven, 100% cotton spun lace non-woven, stitched non-woven
  • S, SS, SSS PP spun-bonded non-woven for hygiene, medical, industrial, construction, agriculture, horticulture, furniture, bedding, etc.




1) How can I get some samples?

If you are a first-time buyer, you can provide quality data and test criteria, and then we will produce samples for you.


If you have samples now, please send them to us, and we will ask our technical team to test and evaluate your samples. Then we will discuss with you what we can do, how to supply and control quality better, and then produce counter samples according to your requirements.


2) What is the delivery time?

Usually, 25-35 days after receiving the deposit of T/T or L/C. Of course, it will depend on the quantity you purchase and the production schedule of our factory.


3) What information is required to place an order?

Please let us know the detailed quality specifications, including GSM, width, roll length, detailed quality data and test standards, quantity, outside diameter, packaging, final application, delivery time, destination port and other necessary information.

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