Full lamination

Waterproof diaper full lamination film is breathable enough for gases and vapors with excellent water permeability for liquid. It can provide excellent skin breathability, improving better comfort for users. Therefore, waterproof diaper full lamination film is a great option to reduce skin irritation, abrasion, and other unpleasant side effects.

Waterproof diaper full lamination film has a wide range of applications, including baby & adults diaper back sheet, back sheet/top sheet for sanitary towels & napkins, medical sheet, patient gown, operating cloth, examination gown, operation bed cover, and so on.


What is Full Lamination Film?

Laminate film is one of the raw materials for baby diaper backing film. This film is a kind of full-layer film. The full lamination film has physical characteristics such as good breathability, waterproof performance, and softness. The excellent uniformity and tactility of the full lamination film are friendly to baby diapers.



1. Waterproof

2. Good breathability

3. Non-toxic to babies

4. Softness


We aim to operate faithfully and constantly strive to serve our customers with new technology and machines. To improve high-quality full lamination film for making baby diapers and sanitary pads.


*Design, size, width, gram weight, length printing color, printing picture, packaging, and more specifications can be customized according to your requirements. Welcome to contact us. We can provide free samples to you.



Advantages Of Breathable Diaper Full Lamination Film

Breathability to gases and vapors, water permeability to liquid forms, improved user comfort - better skin permeability, less unpleasant side effects such as skin inflammation, allergies, etc. Also, breathable diaper full lamination film is ideal for use as a backing for customized hygiene products.


Full Lamination Film Applications

The waterproof diaper PE film is used as the backsheet laminated with the back nonwoven to form the backsheet of the baby diaper. It is used as the backsheet and wrapping film of the sanitary napkin, too.


Daily necessities: baby diapers, adult diapers, sanitary napkins, napkins, baby wipes, wet paper towels, waterproof materials, etc.

Medical supplies: patient clothes, surgical cloths, inspection clothes, surgical bed covers, medical hats, slippers, masks, bed sheets, protective overalls, etc.

Packaging: storage bag, tablecloth, bag, gift bag, shopping bag, wallpaper, etc.



Technical Data Sheet

We reduce costs and increase our competitiveness through technological innovation and scale production. We always put the quality and efficiency of our products and customer satisfaction as our top priority and keep improving the quality and safety of our products to meet the growing demand for our products in domestic and international markets.


Diaper Full Lamination Film

Test Items




Basic Weight








Inner Diameter




Peeling force MD




Peeling force CD




Tension MD



≥ 13N/25mm

Tension CD



≥ 6N/25mm

Elongation at Break MD



Elongation at Break CD



PH Value








Packaging & Labeling



Well packaging and clear labeling

Health Indicator





Diaper PE Film Factory

Diaper PE film can be divided into normal grade, medium grade, and high grade with different quality and different prices. The better the quality, the better the MD and CD extension of the product, and the better the hand feel.


  • Breathable diaper PE film is versatile and has special physical properties.
  • Soft, gentle, smooth surface and comfortable touch, mainly used as a surface material for sanitary napkins and panty liners.
  • We can provide you with more than 20 different patterns and also develop products as needed for exclusive supply.
  • Different color printing designs are accepted, and we can produce the diaper PE film with customized printings - multiple-color printings are allowed.
  • The unique pattern design makes the stretched diaper PE film more sophisticated and more popular with parents'/women's aesthetic sensibilities and consumer psychology.


Why Choose Guanzhen?

We specialize in producing and supplying all raw materials for disposable sanitary products. With our experience in manufacturing raw materials for hygienic products, we also have the ability to provide consulting related to sanitary projects.


Since 2013, Guan Zhen has been investing in the production and development of disposable sanitary products. After ten years of development, we have expanded our hygiene materials into several sanitary product areas, including the production of baby diapers, women's sanitary napkins, and adult diapers.


Years of experience in producing PE films and reliable and updated production facilities ensure the consistent quality of our PE films. Strict quality control, efficient production management, and good after-sales service have enabled us to establish our reputation in both domestic and international markets and to cooperate with some long-term overseas customers.


Our superior strength has made us a raw material supplier for many leading sanitary products around the world. We offer PE film, full lamination film, center lamination film, lamination film of coverall, breathable PE film, laminated PE film, color printing PE film, etc., to meet the different needs of our customers.



Breathable Diaper Full Lamination Film

The baby diaper full lamination film/adult diaper full lamination film has excellent urine permeability, and urine passes through very fast. If there is an embossed part to guide urine into the embossed hole quickly, it makes the baby/adult's skin dry and comfortable.


Guanzhen manufactures 6000 tons of nonwoven fabrics per month for making sanitary products. With a high-tech production line and excellent quality control, we can provide customers with reliable quality nonwoven fabrics, ensure stable supply, fast delivery, technical support, and good after-sales service.



Breathable Diaper Nonwoven Laminated Film

The breathable diaper nonwoven laminated film is designed with flexibility, high elongation, high WVTR, high permeability, low WVTR, or low permeability. For different uses and purposes, microporous polyethylene films are able to be laminated and manufactured with resins to adjust physical properties. (Printing color, printing picture, width, and size can be chosen according to customers' requirements.)



The Advantages Of The Breathable Diaper Full Lamination Film

With the hydrophobic nonwoven laminated with breathable PE film structure, the breathable diaper nonwoven laminated film has excellent waterproof performance and physical properties. Soft and silk-like touch and non-toxic, tasteless, and harmless to the human body. Besides, the superb printing performance delivers a precise layout, rich colors, and excellent visual effects.



Multiple Usages

  • It has a strong three-dimensional feeling and an excellent anti-rehumidification effect.
  • Unique peeling process technology ensures that the product has a dry, fresh, and cool feeling and can be peeled off quickly.
  • Highly porous film design, so blood clots and mucous membranes penetrate the layer, keeping the surface dry and clean.
  • Superb comfort, effectively avoiding the disadvantages of polyethylene open-cell films which are poor in comfort and prone to allergies.


If you are looking for a first-class diaper full nonwoven laminated backsheet. Please feel free to contact us to buy high-quality products at a competitive price. As one of China's leading diaper laminated film manufacturers and suppliers, we are always at your service. Contact us now for free samples.

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