Lamination film of coverall

Lquidproof lamination film for coverall is available in many different characteristics and functions, including the breathable film for coverall, liquidproof lamination film for coverall, microporous laminated film for coverall, and so on. 


Microporous laminated film for coverall can be applied in a wide range of fields, such as asbestos removal, automotive cleaning, biological hazards/chemical handling, mining/exploration, paint spray & printing, etc.


GuanZhen is a professional coverall laminated film manufacturer and supplier in China, we have 20 laminating lines in the factory with a minimum weight of 21gsm (10gsm of the film). The laminating capacity is 4000 tons/month, and the production capacity of liquidproof lamination film for coverall can reach 150 tons/day.




Breathable Lamination Film For Coverall

Breathable lamination film for coveralls is a nonwoven liquid-proof material. Heavy-duty coveralls made from liquidproof lamination film for coverall offer improved solvent resistance, excellent splashproof protection, and protection from non-hazardous particles. As a result, the PE film for coveralls is perfect for many heavy-duty commercial jobs, including spray painting, paint spraying, fiberglass, marine fabrication, light chemicals, pesticide spraying, automotive refinishing, waste cleanup, remediation, etc.


A cost-effective option, the microporous lamination film for coveralls provides a high level of protection through its specialized laminate treatment material. These liquid resistant coverall raw material PE films provide maximum breathability when working at different temperatures. The highly elastic cast PE film for coverall can be paired with two-way zippers, wrist, ankle, and waist, as well as convenient front and back pockets. Protect yourself with our microporous breathable film for coverall today!



Product Details

  • Durable and comfortable, with good breathability
  • Liquid protection for paint and pesticide spraying
  • High elasticity for wrist, ankle, and hood of workwear
  • Dry particulate protection against non-hazardous particles
  • Neutral, liquid-resistant lightweight material, cost-effective
  • Low lint reduces the risk of fiber contamination in the work environment
  • High water vapor transmission rate and soft texture ensure wearer comfort
  • Solvent-resistant protection against fluid resistance from blood and body fluids
  • Lightweight microporous lamination film for coverall provides comfort and protection against hazardous liquid splashes and particulates



Coverall Raw Material PE Film Applications

The stretched lamination film for coveralls has a wide range of applications, such as asbestos processing, agriculture, and farming, automotive, biohazards, chemical processing, clean room, electronics, engineering, hazardous materials, military, paint spraying, printing, infection prevention, filtration/absorbent hygiene products, wound care, construction and industrial, breathable films, packaging, labeling, or custom applications in various specialized fields.



What Is The Best PE Film For Coverall?

In general, professional and top-quality protective coverall features a breathable back panel made of strong, lightweight, breathable lamination film for coverall. Easy Fit. In addition to providing comfort and versatility, using first-class coverall raw material PE film keeps workers safe and sound. The soft and flexible stretched lamination film for coveralls ensures that protective coveralls stay comfortably in place and do not deform or get out of the correct place.



PE Film For Coverall

Guanzhen offers you a wide range of films and laminates, including a breathable film for coveralls, microporous nonwoven laminated film for coveralls, liquidproof lamination film for coveralls, etc. Our high-quality PE film for coverall gives us a great edge in many different markets.



Technical Data Sheet

Lamination Film Of Coverall

Test Items




Basic Weight








Inner Diameter




Peeling force MD

GB/T 3923.1-1997



Peeling force CD

GB/T 3923.1-1997



Tension MD

GB/T 3923.1-1997



Tension CD

GB/T 3923.1-1997



Elongation at Break MD

GB/T 3923.1-1997


Elongation at Break CD

GB/T 3923.1-1997






PH Value








Packaging & Labeling



Well packaging and clear labeling




Infection prevention: We offer a wide range of lamination film of coveralls for the field of infection prevention. From patient drapes and surgeons’ surgical gowns to tablecloths and bedspreads, from super absorbent patches to surgical gown reinforcement, the ideal laminate is in our portfolio.


Protective coveralls: Our nonwoven laminated film for coveralls offers a range of options for protective clothing for various industries, including breathable laminates, microporous laminates, breathable and non-breathable films, anti-static treatments, and more.


Construction & Industrial: We offer a range of tailored solutions to meet the challenges of the industrial sector. Our nonwoven laminated film for coveralls can be used in protective clothing, roofing membranes, floor underlayment, insulation, barrier supplies, and more.


Disposable absorbent hygiene products: The nonwoven laminated film for coverall is available in breathable and non-breathable films, colors, appearances, designs, and features (microporous/waterproof/highly stretchable, etc.).


Custom applications: Nonwoven laminated films offer an excellent option for packaging luxury consumer goods. Using different raw materials to create a paper-like film that has the look and feel of paper with the robustness of plastic.



Coverall Laminated Film For Medical Applications

Coverall laminated film China provides complete protection and comfort for hospital staff. At all times, more than anyone else, healthcare workers need a nonwoven laminated film that provides complete safety and full protection for the wearer.


The nonwoven laminated film for coveralls is a fully impermeable laminate with an antibacterial function for surgical gowns. Our products are designed to provide comfort and reassurance to the wearer and meet a range of safety requirements.


The laminate is not breathable and can optionally incorporate a breathable film. Breathable lamination film for coveralls is an excellent choice for protective clothing. Protective clothing made from it provides high comfort, high quality, and durability without the need for additional reinforcement or rework.



What Are The Factors To Be Considered For PE Film For Coverall?


  • Feel
  • Cost
  • Appearance
  • Performance
  • Purpose of application and affordability
  • Absorbency, strength, volume, softness, barrier properties


Last but not least, our R&D technology allows us to add more value to PE film for coverall.



Excellent protection

The microporous nonwoven laminated film for coverall provides you with a full range of protection from viruses and bacteria to liquid splashes and contamination. It is the high-performance base material choice for a range of protective clothing. This laminated material is designed with end uses in mind and can be customized to suit your requirement.


Simply use nonwoven fabric on one side of the breathable film for coverall to achieve a soft, lightweight, textured overall effect. This waterproof composite can be used as a backing for disposable hygiene products. Another application may require the use of an extremely absorbent nonwoven on the film and a soft, lightweight nonwoven on the reverse side. Heavy surgical drapes with a comfort layer are a good example.



High performance for critical requirements

Our coverall raw material nonwoven laminated film meets demanding specifications, including quality, safety, and performance required by various industries. For each range of protective clothing, we offer liquidproof lamination film that is completely impervious to water, providing comfort and safety for the wearer.


As a professional coverall laminated film manufacturer in China, we can customize our products to meet the needs of our customers. Whether it is standard or high performance in critical areas, we have the right breathable film material to do the right job. Every one of our products is tested to meet the safety regulations in the specifications. We guarantee that we use the right and high-quality raw materials for your peace of mind!

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