Since 2013, GuanZhen has been a professional manufacturer and supplier focusing on PE film and hygiene materials, integrating independent R&D, process, production and marketing. We are taking advantage of international and local technology to create world-leading products. And our breathable films and breathable lamination film are well known in the PE film industry.

Covering an area of 430,400.00SQF, our factory has installed modern and advanced production equipment for granulating, filming, printing, cutting and laminating, etc. We have built a specialized team with superior technology and production experience through our professional ERP management system and intelligent barcode weight counting system.

Providing our customers with high-standard products is our top priority! To this end, GuanZhen is committed to strictly implementing the ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. With excellent quality performance, our products are widely used in baby diapers, personal hygiene products, medical consumables, and surgical products.

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