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PE Lamination film of coverall must be breathable from inside while it must be a barrier from outside.

A. 14 filming production lines, capacity: 6000ton/month

B. 20 lamination lines, capacity: 4000ton/month

   Coverall raw material pe film: 150ton/day

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Lamination Film Of Coverall


Technical Data Sheet


No. Test Items Standard Unit Reference
1 Basic Weight ISO9073-1 g/ ±5
2 Width / mm ±3
3 Inner Diameter / mm 76±1
4 Peeling force MD GB/T 3923.1-1997 N ≥3N
5 Peeling force CD GB/T 3923.1-1997 N ≥3N
6 Tension MD GB/T 3923.1-1997 N ≥45N
7 Tension CD GB/T 3923.1-1997 N ≥45N
8 Elongation at Break MD GB/T 3923.1-1997 ≥15
9 Elongation at Break CD GB/T 3923.1-1997 ≥15
10 Hydrostatic ISO811:1981 cmH2O ≥90
11 PH Value GB/T-12704-1991 / 5.5-10.5
12 WVTR ISO811:1981 g/(·24h) 2000-3000
13 Packaging&Labeling / / Well packaging and clear labeling

It is hot to wear the coverall for a long time, so it must be breathable to release the heat from inside while it is a safe barrier to prevent liquid from outside.

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Our raw materials of breathable film for coverall are excellent and stable, PE granule from ExxonMobil Chemical and Calcium Carbonate from Imerys. Besides, technology is advanced: ONCE melting of PE granule for filming, no twice-plasticizing makes the coverage feature of films better, so our films perform a high breathability and the excellent water and liquid barrier.

breathable lamination film for coverall

14 filming production lines, capacity: 6000ton/month

2 sets of 11- feet- width filming production line

normal speed: 833 feet/min, Max.: 2000feet/min.

coverall raw material pe film

22 printing lines, minimum film weight: 10gsm

14 copperplate printing lines of 4 colors: pioneering water-based ink printing

8 embossing lines: Max.: 8 colors, Max. Speed: 1334 feet/min.

breathable film for coverall

20 lamination lines, capacity: 4000ton/month

Lamination film of protective coverall: 150ton/day

coverall raw material nonwoven laminated film

ERP management system makes all production high efficient and smooth.

breathable nonwoven laminated film for coverall

Intelligent bar code weighing system controls accurate weight data and keeps the traceability.

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