To protect the earth by advanced production technology

To protect the earth by advanced production technology

27 Oct, 2021

Polyethylene(PE) granule is one of the main raw materials of PE films.

In the old traditional way, before the production of films, the first step is to plasticize the PE granule by melting, then in the filming process, the PE granule is melted again to mix other raw materials, which is the TWICE melting way. For each melting, it consumes lots of electricity power, which means the production is facing the pressure of energy conservation.

To solve this matter, our professional technical department studies and researches on it since 2015, by lots of researches and experiments, on 2018 our technical department successfully developed the ONCE melting technology. No twice-plasticizing makes the coverage feature of films better, at the same time, we reduce the cost to make the product competitive, what is more import, we reduce the consumption of electricity power for the energy conservation, to save energy to protect the earth!

Energy conservation is a long term mission for industry, for this aim, we will keep researching and developing advanced technologies to save energy!

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