What Are The Components Of A Baby Or Adult Diaper?

What Are The Components Of A Baby Or Adult Diaper?

22 Dec, 2021


Diapers are one of the disposable products. They are made of non-woven fabric, toilet paper, lint pulp, polymer absorbent resin, diaper PE film, rubber bands, and other materials.


Diapers can keep the user's skin dry. Disposable diapers have good absorbency and can prevent moisture from coming into contact with the skin, effectively avoiding excessive moisture caused by long-term contact between the skin and diapers.

With the development of technology, environmentally friendly and biodegradable diapers are gradually being developed.


What are the objects of diaper use?


baby diaper film


Diapers are disposable absorbent garments that can be classified as infant diapers and adult diapers. The main groups of diaper users include infants and young children, elderly people with limited mobility, people working in extreme conditions (such as astronauts), and pets.


Most breathable diapers are used by children until they are potty trained. Adults who are incontinent or ill are often used as well.


What are the components of diapers?


Most people probably understand the use of diapers, but do you know what the components of a diaper are?


Modern diapers are generally composed of three main parts: the surface covering layer, the absorbent core layer, and the diaper bottom film.


diaper cast film


Surface covering layer


The surface covering layer is the one that comes into direct contact with the user. The high-quality surface layer keeps the body dry, absorbs urine quickly, effectively stops back seepage, and prevents side leakage.

Most of the market today is anti-viscose non-woven cloth, this material has the characteristics of breathable, soft, and comfortable.


Diaper absorbent wick


A good core disperses urine throughout the surface layer and serves to quickly absorb and disperse urine and store it.

Most of the absorbent cores we see in diapers are made of absorbent factors and fluffy pulp. The full core body, ultra-thin and super-absorbent, without breaking the layer and without lumping, has become very popular in the past few years.


Diaper film


Diaper PE film is more comfortable, softer, and more user-friendly. Therefore, in recent years, the best-selling diaper base film in China is mainly breathable diaper PE film.

Commonly used diaper PE film mainly has a center lamination film and full lamination film.

The difference between them lies in the width of the non-woven surface layer. The center lamination film refers to the surface layer of non-woven fabric just wrapping and covering the core, while the full lamination film refers to the whole diaper full-width coverage.


Center lamination film


diaper center lamination film


Stretched diaper center laminating film is non-toxic, non-polluting, clean, anti-pull, soft, and comfortable to the touch.

Waterproof diaper non-woven laminated film is available in both printed and non-printed. We have two different printing methods - copper plate printing and embossing printing. We pioneered the use of water-based inks in copperplate printing, which is a patented technology in producing laminating film roll.


Full lamination film


diaper full lamination cast film


The waterproof diaper full laminating is breathable enough for gases and liquids. It provides excellent skin breathability and offers better comfort to the user.

Waterproof Diapers Fully Laminated Film is an excellent choice for reducing skin irritation, abrasion, and other unpleasant side effects.



What factors to consider when choosing diapers?


1. Size


Whether used by children or adults, it is important to select diapers that are comfortable and the right size. Due to the different manufacturers, you should pay attention to the size chart when purchasing and choose the right size so that your legs and waist can stretch and bend freely to avoid skin abrasions when moving around.


2. Leak-proof


Diapers that do not handle side leaks well will make clean clothes dirty and cause discomfort to the user. Diapers with targeted leakage prevention fold over each other to effectively prevent side leakage when the amount is too much.


3. Strong fixation performance


Both sides of the diaper Velcro performance should be strong, can be tight diapers, and can be torn off, can be repeatedly sticky, to ensure that the user in a relatively large range of activities, still will not move sideways, fall off.


diaper pe film supplier


4. Soft, natural, skincare


If diapers are not used properly, they can be irritated, and in serious cases, they can cause allergies and other symptoms. Therefore, it is important that the surface coverings that come into direct contact with the skin are snug and soft. Do not choose a rough and irritating diaper, otherwise, it will cause damage to the skin.


5. Water absorption


If the diaper is not changed on time, the skin of the buttocks will get wet, the protective layer will be damaged and destroyed, and the outermost part of the epidermis will become inflamed and other symptoms will occur.

Therefore, it is important to buy diapers with a strong absorption capacity to concentrate the urine in the middle, so that it will not leak sideways or make the skin rough and red


6. Good breathability


We should choose diapers with breathable as the base cloth. It has a good heat seal, is moisture-proof, has little moisture permeability, and is both soft and comfortable.




After reading this article, I believe you have a brief understanding of diapers. Choose high-quality diapers to bring users a better experience.


Quality diapers cannot be achieved without quality diaper PE film. As a leading breathable diaper PE film manufacturer for disposable diapers in China, our PE films can be used in various applications such as feminine hygiene napkins, baby and adult diapers, disposable medical protection products, and more.


We are the ideal choice for you. Follow Guanzhen Technology for more information about diaper PE films you need.

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