What Are The Benefits Of Breathable PE Film?

What Are The Benefits Of Breathable PE Film?

28 Dec, 2021


What is PE film?


PE film is a thin plastic film called Polyethylene, which is the simplest polymeric organic compound in terms of structure.


PE film is one of the most widely used polymeric materials and is usually supplied in rolls, which are lightweight and durable with excellent tape adhesion.


PE film has a distinct advantage over other film options in that it is moisture-resistant and has low moisture permeability. Polyethylene film can be manufactured with different properties depending on manufacturing methods and controls.


The two major classifications of PE film


PE film is divided into two types, one is a breathable film and the other is cast film.


Breathable film: generally used as the bottom film of diapers, this film is usually breathable and impermeable, and is the material usually used in high-grade diapers.


Cast film: also used in the bottom film of diapers, this film is not breathable nor water permeable, compared to the breathable PE film, the cost is relatively low.


Coverall PE Film


What are the common uses of PE film?


PE film is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and has the characteristics of. It is moisture resistant to humid environments and remains flexible and chemically stable at low temperatures.


PE film is widely used in many fields, such as daily use, food, medicine, industrial category, etc.


Depending on the application areas, the PE film features required vary, with the most common performance requirements being hygiene and non-toxic safety.



Diaper PE Film and Coverall Raw Material PE Film


The breathable film generally refers to PE functional material with environmental protection, water barrier, and breathability.


PE breathable film is mainly used for women's sanitary napkin base film, pad base film, adult diaper or baby diaper bottom film, etc.


PE breathable film laminated with non-woven fabric can also be used in medical protective clothing, isolation clothing coverall raw material PE film, disposable medical mattresses, shoe cover, industry protection products, home textile products, etc.


Breathable Diaper Lamination Film


Traditional diapers are heavily washed and tend to harbor bacteria in poor conditions. Disposable diapers are easy to carry and easy to change.


Diapers are used by two main categories: infants and adults. Diapers are worn on the human body for the purpose of preventing casual urination and defecation.


Breathability is an important physical characteristic of diapers. Therefore, it is best to use breathable diaper center lamination film for diaper raw material PE film.


With the continuous improvement of the production process, diapers have improved from the initial single function of leak-proof and absorbing urine to leak-proof and breathable, and a variety of functions have been added such as three-dimensional leak-proof partitions. The realization of this function is inseparable from the wide application of breathable diaper PE film in the diaper industry.


breathable diaper center lamination film




●  It has good heat-sealing properties and moisture resistance.

●  PE film has excellent urine barrier properties.

●  PE is melted into the film at one time, with no need for secondary plasticization, which makes the film's covering performance better.

●  The strong breathability of breathable PE film makes the diapers more comfortable and cozy, especially for babies.



Coverall Raw Material PE Film


Traditionally, coveralls have been worn by employees who perform manual labor, including medical personnel, workers in biological and chemical research, painters, and so on.


When handling hazardous materials, it is critical to provide employees with uniforms to protect their bodies because of the frequent occurrence of material splashes. Workwear is essentially a full-body protective garment that protects individuals from splashing and soiling and from external contaminants.


Workwear can be hot when worn for long periods of time, so it must be breathable to release internal heat while acting as a safety barrier against external liquids.


Workwear can be made from a variety of materials. One of the most common is a coverall PE film.

This PE membrane breathes from the inside while having to block external contaminants from the outside.


Coverall Raw Material PE Film




●  Breathable fabric with good breathability.

●  The material is not easy to stick to the skin.

●  Liquid and dust resistant, providing an effective barrier to many organic and inorganic liquid chemicals.

●  Soft and comfortable hand feel, giving the wearer a better wearing experience.





Whether it is diaper PE film or coveralls lamination film, excellent and stable finished product quality comes from excellent and stable raw materials.


Guanzhen Technology is a professional PE film manufacturer, and our breathable films and breathable laminates are well known in the PE film industry. If you want to know more information about PE films, you are welcome to consult with us for discussion.

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