Some Details about Breathable Diaper PE Film

Some Details about Breathable Diaper PE Film

22 Feb, 2022

As we all know, breathable diaper PE film has a wide range of applications in many different fields, such as baby diapers, adult diapers, breathable lamination film for coverall, and so on. So what is breathable diaper PE film? How much do you know about it?


What is breathable diaper PE film?

The breathable diaper cast film is an essential material for diapers, which generally refer to PE functional materials with environmental protection, waterproofing and breathability. In addition to the uses mentioned above, the stretched diaper cast film also can be used the bottom film of women's sanitary napkins, the base film of pads, the bottom film of baby diapers, etc. 


It is also often laminated with nonwoven fabric, and the combination is widely used in medical protective clothing, isolation clothing, medical mattresses, disposable beds, home textiles, etc. Whether the breathable diaper cast film is breathable or not, in addition to its own material function, the raw material is also essential.


breathable lamination film for coverall

breathable lamination film for coverall


How about the development of breathable diaper cast film?

Biodegradable breathable film and biodegradable nonwoven fabric are important directions for future growth. However, biodegradable starch-based composite materials are prone to thermal and oxygen aging. And the process of heating and melting is inevitable in the production process from modified particles to breathable film. As a result, the process not only impairs the performance of plastic, but also greatly reduces the product life of the biodegradable breathable film.


That's why people said that the "shelf life" of biodegradable materials is currently a major difficulty in the industry. Nevertheless, Guanzhen Technology has patented production technology to reduce the heating process in production and printing.


Advanced manufacturing technology of breathable disposable diaper backsheet film

High annual production

It is worth noting that the current concentration of the breathable film industry is low. Still, the annual capacity of breathable diaper nonwoven laminated film of Guanzhen Technology is about 36,000 tons.


World-leading technology

Once melting of PE granule for filming. No twice-plasticizing makes the coverage feature of films better.


Top-quality raw material

Guanzhen believes that excellent and stable quality is from the best raw materials. The two primary raw materials of diaper PE film are PE granule from ExxonMobil Chemical and Calcium Carbonate from Imerys.

 calcium carbonate from imerysPE granule from exxonmobil chemical


Leading production capacity

* 22 printing lines: The current minimum film weight we can produce is 10gsm. 

Two different ways of printing - copperplate printing and embossing printing. 14 copperplate printing lines, each line can produce 4 colors - Guanzhen pioneers water-based ink in copperplate printing, which is the patented technology. 

* 8 embossing printing lines: the maximum color quantity is 8 colors, and the top speed is 1334 feet/min.

* 14 filming lines: the maximum film production capacity is 6000 tons/month. 2 sets of 11- feet-width filming production lines, their normal speed is 833 feet/min, while the maximum speed is 2000 feet/min. 

* 20 lamination lines: the minimum weight is 21gsm (10gsm of the film). The lamination capacity is 4000 tons/month. The lamination capacity reaches up to 150 tons/day for disposable protective coveralls.


Guanzhen technology is a professional enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of breathable PE film, breathable laminated film, sanitary materials, water-based ink and protective product. With the leading technology, our breathable films and nonwoven fabrics are exported all over the world, especially in Africa. We are the main suppliers of breathable films and nonwoven fabrics to Africa's top three diaper and sanitary napkin manufacturers. For more information, please feel free to contact us at

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