The Best Nonwoven Laminated Film for Coverall in 2022

The Best Nonwoven Laminated Film for Coverall in 2022

28 Mar, 2022

Since COVID-19 is rampant, protective clothing plays an important role in outbreak prevention and control. As a matter of fact, coverall raw material PE film determines the quality and protective effect of protective clothing. Therefore, how to find the best coverall raw material PE film is crucial to be able to manufacture high-performance coveralls.


What is the nonwoven laminated coverall?

The nonwoven laminated coveralls are a great option for those who need durable, disposable coveralls that protect against light liquid splashes, debris, and dry particulate matter. The common coveralls on the market have an elastic band around the hood, ankles, waist, and wrists to reduce size restrictions while ensuring safety. And generally, they are made of a white, high-quality, 55-gram microporous PE film-laminated material that is breathable.


Nonwoven Laminated Film for Coverall


What Can Cast PE Film Bring to Coveralls?

Excellent particle barrier - The cast PE film can filter resist 99% hazardous particles of size 0.5-1μm, making the nonwoven laminated coverall suitable for handling sprays and splashes in manufacturing, mold remediation, cleaning, abatement, etc.


Excellent liquid barrier - The microporous lamination film for coverall is also an outstanding barrier against various chemicals and aerosols. And the front zipper can provide extra protection.


Anti-static - The coverall raw material PE film helps prevent the build-up of static electricity, which can be a major safety risk in specific industries, like microelectronics, optoelectronics, petrochemicals, military, and other industries.


Comfortable & breathable - The coverall raw material PE film is waterproof, lightweight, durable with superior soft comfort, preventing heat stress and providing superior physical performance to ensure comfortable working conditions and the comfort of wearers.


Designed to fit everyone - Fully elasticated hood, ankles, wrists, and waist for comfort fit, offering a greater range of motion and optimum comfort. High structural strength with excellent tensile, tear, and abrasion resistance, silicone-free and latex-free, ideal for some critical painting applications and reducing the risk of contamination.


Multi-use - Thanks to the high-performance nonwoven laminated film, coveralls have a wide range of applications, including cleanroom, pharmaceutical, lab, clinic, hospital, food industry, janitorial cleaning, general maintenance, non-toxic liquid handling, etc.


And you can find coveralls in almost every field, such as boat building, cleaning, low-level insecticide spraying, low-level pesticide spraying, maintenance, wood processing, painting, furniture manufacturing, pharmaceutical use, janitorial, mechanics.


In addition, the cast PE film for coverall has great ability to isolate dust and protect against liquids and bacteria, making the coverall is used in many scenarios: outdoor activities, emergency environment, paint industry, the agricultural field, petrochemical industry, electronic industry, and any other places.


 nonwoven laminated film for coverall

nonwoven laminated film for coverall


Where to find the best coverall raw material PE film?

On this issue, Guanzhen is the best option for you! We are a professional coverall laminated film manufacturer and supplier in China. We understand that the coverall is meant to protect lives. Therefore, we only purchase excellent raw materials and use advanced technology and machines for production to ensure the premium quality of the laminated film.


Excellent and stable raw materials - PE granule from ExxonMobil Chemical, Calcium Carbonate from Imerys.


Advanced production technology - The PE granule is melted into the film at one time, with no secondary plasticization. So our film has better coverage, high breathability, good liquid barrier.


We specialize in the production of microporous nonwoven laminated film for coveralls, high-quality PE film, full lamination & center lamination film for diapers. If you want to know more about our products, please feel free to contact us at

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