Disposable Diaper Raw Material Backsheet Cast Film

Disposable Diaper Raw Material Backsheet Cast Film

31 Oct, 2022

Have you ever wondered how diapers can absorb all the liquids? The reason is the combination of super absorbent layers of polymers. And the waterproof diaper nonwoven laminated film is suitable for both baby and adult diaper PE film material.


Introduction to Nonwovens

The nonwoven fabric is made up of polypropylene that is mechanically, thermally or chemically bonded together through entangled fibers, filaments, and penetrating film. It is a flat, porous sheet made of separated fibers or molten plastic/plastic film.


Nonwovens provide a wide range of excellent effects, such as water absorption, liquid repellency, elasticity, tensile properties, softness, flame resistance, washability, cushioning, heat insulation, sound insulation, filtration, sterility, bacterial barrier and so on.


The nonwoven fabric can be used alone, and it is versatile. More commonly, it will be combined with other fabrics to create materials suitable for specific work environments. Therefore, the nonwovens play an important role in apparel, home furnishings, healthcare, engineering, industrial and consumer products.


What’s more, the nonwoven fabrics help to keep a good balance between product service life and cost. It can give the finished product the look, texture and strength of a knitted fabric. Or it can be as heavy as cowhide, perfectly adapted to different applications to meet a variety of user requirements.


Disposable Diaper Raw Material Backsheet Cast Film

Disposable Diaper Raw Material Backsheet Cast Film


What material are diapers made of?

Polypropylene nonwoven is the most popular synthetic fiber used as a raw material for disposable diapers. The backsheet of diapers is generally made of hydrophobic spun bond nonwoven fabrics.


High-quality diaper raw material PE film is the first choice for manufacturers working with children and female hygiene. As medical technology advances, doctors and state-of-the-art hospitals are increasingly turning to nonwovens.


Cost-effective, environmentally friendly waterproof diaper nonwoven laminated film is becoming the most desired product in the current situation, which has good tensile strength and is abrasion-resistant.


What can baby diaper PE film/adult diaper PE film brings to disposable diapers?

Some manufacturers of diaper raw material PE film bleach disposable diapers with chlorine, causing a by-product called dioxin to leach into the environment. And the tributyltin (TBT) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced during the process are hazardous substances.


However, nonwovens are harmless and allow babies and women to use sanitary napkins and diaper raw fabrics safely.


Do nonwoven products have high costs?

The production cost of diapers varies from company to company. The production machines are very expensive and complex but extremely efficient. Of course, it also depends on the quality of the raw material. Premium quality diaper raw material PE film allows the finished product to be substantially more usable, providing excellent comfort and practicality to the user.



When it comes to where the best diaper raw material PE film materials in China come from? That would certainly be Guanzhen, which has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of diaper PE films in China. We apply high-quality imported materials to produce excellent nonwoven PE films for various other uses in different industries.


Our products meet several requirements and have been awarded various certificates and reports. Based on advanced technology and excellent management, we can perfectly fulfill the requirements and specifications of our clients. For more information about our waterproof diaper nonwoven laminated film or lamination film for coveralls, please feel free to contact us at loy@guanzhenkeji.com.

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